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Step irons

Stupaljka Material: flake graphite cast iron
Protective coating: black bituminious corrosion-proof paint
The shape and proportions of product shown in drawing are for general purpose only. Some of the products listed below may vary from it.

Shema stupaljke

dimensions (mm)
short code product width (A) length (B) thickness (C) built-in length (D) leaning height (E) slot distance/width (F/G) weight (kg)
208107 step iron type "built-in" 150 250 20 1101 3,5
241902 step iron type "hook-up" 150 150 20 80 50/122 3,5
1 The "built-in" part of step iron.
2 For hooking up the step iron in the shaft, the bolt m10×60 with adequate Φ12×40 steel dowel is recommended.

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