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Round street cap

Kapa Material: flake graphite cast iron
Protective coating: black bituminious corrosion-proof paint
The shape and proportions of product shown in drawing are for general purpose only. Some of the products listed below may vary from it.

Shema kape

dimensions (mm)
short code product frame width above (A) cover width (B) clear opening (C) frame width below (D) frame depth (E) weight (kg)
210004 round cap Φ90 Φ105 Φ90 Φ100 Φ140 150 4
209804 round cap Φ125 Φ145 Φ125 Φ120 Φ160 195 6
218200 round cap Φ145 Φ160 Φ140 Φ160 Φ230 105 12
209707 round cap Φ200 Φ200 Φ175 Φ195 Φ255 150 14
210101 oval cap oval 380×305 oval 355×285 oval 375×305 oval 430×360 230 30

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